Clip Showing Tim Allen Exposing Himself To Pamela Anderson Surfaces

Tim Allen
Tim Allen

Following Tim Allen’s denial that he flashed Pamela Anderson on set, an old video of him flashing Home Improvement co-star Patricia Richardson has surfaced. Anderson is touring in support of her upcoming Netflix documentary and memoir, both examining her rise from prominence as well as her later years and all of her achievements. She claims that Tim Allen flashed her the first day she worked in the studio, one of several revelations in her book.

Tim Allen Declines To Allegations Against Him For Flashing On-Screen

According to an excerpt from the book, on her first day of shooting, she stepped out of her dressing cubicle, and Tim Allen could be seen in the corridor with his robe on. He quickly exposed her while being completely naked beneath it after opening his robe.

The 69-year-old assured Variety that the event involving the flashing equipment never occurred and that he would never act in such a way. However, everything changed when an old film clip showed the actor and comedian lifting his kilt flashing in front of his co-star and then on-screen wife Patricia Richardson surfaced.

Richardson’s Jill made a comment on Richardson’s character Tim Taylor’s kilt in the clip, saying she wished it could have been shorter. To the joy of Richardson and the audience inside the studio, Allen then raised the kilt. Since then, Richardson has responded to the re-surfaced viral video, elaborating on the specifics of what happened on that day, claiming that it was nothing inappropriate.

The actress said to TMZ, that people often ask her about what was underneath the kilt when Tim Allen flashed her, to which she replies he was well-dressed beneath. She was simply astonished that he would lift the kilt but not in a man with boxer shorts.

Ever since the incident, the video stated that it was actually amongst one of many bloopers from Home Improvement that were shown during the final moments at the end of each episode. Afterwhile, Richardson only shared her own experiences with TMZ, refusing to comment on Anderson’s charges, which seem to be unrelated to bloopers and suggest that the incident involved just the two.

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