Statehouse Democrats Running For Expand In Voting Rights With Newfound Ability

voting rights
voting rights

After headstrong results of the midterm election, Democrats from a few states are rushing in on their voting rights with aspiring plans for expansion to access ballots ahead of next year’s presidential election. 

New Additions To The Voting Rights Bring A Positive Change In Air For Voters In State

The Michigan State is in full swing for the presidential election- Democrats gained its governorship along with both the legislative chambers within 4 years roughly. Democratic Secretary Jocelyn Benson with a team of legislators has recently announced a collection of priorities related to voting. These priorities range from the criminalization of harassment against election workers to the execution of voter-approved extensions in early voting.

Democrats of Minnesota who just came into power are advancing an array of electoral changes through the legislature which includes the insinuation of automatic voter registration to restore the right to vote for citizens with felony records.

However, Arizona is a battlefield state with Democrats flipping its key to statewide offices. The newly appointed Attorney General for Democrats Kris Mayes announced soon-to-be plans for shifting their focus on the ‘election integrity unit’ established by their Republican predecessor to her protection against voter fraud and access voters and fight for suppression in voting rights.

A campaign director Lilly Sasse representing ‘we choose us’ shared that no one thinks that the progression would be easy however there’s a positive change in the community making it seem plausible. We choose us is a 26-group union that’s backing up the elections which were introduced by lawmakers of Democrats around this month at the state of Minnesota legislature. 

The Republicans are moving headstrong with more legislative seats and, thus, more voting rights all over the country however Democrats defied all political odds earlier in 2022, there’s still no loss in any of its major legislative seats. The midterms have also showcased four new additions to the trifectas at the state level. Both won in governorship and legislative chambers in Massachusetts, Michigan, Maryland, and Minnesota.

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