Marcus Semien Wins The First Gold Glove Award In His Career

marcus semien

Marcus Semien had a great 2021 season and added another element to his season on Sunday. He managed to win the American League Gold Glove Award at the second base.

The was his first Gold Glove Award and it came at a new position for the veteran. Semien, 31, had been a shortstop for the A’s since ‘15 and had not played at second base with any regularity since ‘14 with the White Sox. He made the move after an $18m deal to join the Blue Jays on the 30th of January in a 1- year deal.

Marcus Semien Signed For The Blue Jays And Is Making History

This deal had worked out for both the candidates as Marcus Semien established himself as the league’s premier middle infielders who were entering free agency.

Semien and Bo Bichette became extremely close and the chemistry on the field was evident as they formed a new double-play tandem through Spring Training. Marcus Semien’s defense had managed to exceed all expectations.

He was the first player from the Blue Jays to win a Gold Glove Award since Stroman in ‘17. He was also the club’s first second baseman since Orlando Hudson in ‘05. He was the 3rd non-rookie to win this award at a position where he had played less than 30 games in the previous season.

This award did not surprise anyone in the Blue Jays’ clubhouse or its front office. From the top of the roster to the bottom and from seasoned executives to younger coaches, Marcus Semien’s praises were sung throughout the Blue Jays’ 91-71 season.