Many Saints of Newark Trailer Is Out

Many Saints of Newark
Many Saints of Newark

The trailer of the movie, Many Saints of Newark, is out. This is the prequel to the American crime drama series, Sopranos. This is the first such show from the content of the series after a total of 14 years. The director of the film is Akan Taylor, the American television and film director. It is written by the American co-writers, Lawrence Konner and David Chase. The cast of the film includes Vera Farmiga, the American, director and producer, Ray Liotta, the “Goodfellas” star, Leslie Odom Jr., the American actor and singer, Alessandro Nivola, the Tony Award nominee, Corey Toll, the “House of Cards” actor, John Bernthal, the “Walking Dead” actor, and Michale Gandolfini, the “Ocean’s 8” actor.

Many Saints of Newark, Plot, And Cast

Michael Gandolfini in the Many Saints of Newark, plays the role of Tony Soprano. His character is that of young Tony. In the sequel, Sopranos, the role of Toney was played by Michale’s father, the late James Gandolfini. The genre of the movie is mob drama. The role of Dickie Moltisanti, the father of Christopher is carried out by Alessandro, Bernthal plays Giovanni Soprano popularly known as “Johnny Boy,” Junior Soprano is played by Corey Stoll, Vera plays Livia Soprano, the mother of Tony Soprano.

The role of Paulie Gualtieri, also known as “Walnuts” is played by Billy Magnussen, Silvio Dante is played by John Magaro. The roles of Michaela and Leslie in Many Saints of Newark have not been revealed yet.

The setting of the movie is in the 1967s. The production houses associated with the movies are Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema. Many Saints of Newark is based on how young Anthony Soprano grows up in the midst of the most tumultuous period in the history of Newark. The movie shows the journey of Dickie Molsanti, especially his struggles with his personal and professional lives.