Conor McGregor’s Biographer Compares Him To LeBron, Brady, And Curry

conor mcgregor
conor mcgregor

Gotham Chopra, the documentarian who is covering Connor McGregor, thinks the MMA professional is similar to some of the biggest legends in other sports such as Tom Brady (in football), and Steph Curry and LeBron James (in basketball).

The Documentary On Conor McGregor

On May 17th, Netflix hosted the debut of a series in four parts called McGregor Forever. The documentary explored the recent setbacks that Conor McGregor, the Irishman, has experienced in the UFC along with other setbacks that occurred in his life away from the cameras.

Gotham Chopra, who is the director of Conor McGregor’s documentary had also directed other earlier documentaries on Brady and James. He stated that the former champion across two weight categories has a similar “mad scientist” obsessive trait for doing things correctly that the other top celebrities also have.

While speaking to MMA fighting, Chopra said that the one thing in common across all of these personalities is their work ethic which is relentless. He has spent 3 years making the Conor McGregor documentary. Chopra continues that he has noticed this obsession to get things done correctly in Tom Brady’s throwing sessions as well as Steph Curry’s shooting sessions. He then referred to Brady as the best quarterback and Curry as the best shooter along with LeBron and called them “mad scientists” experimenting in a laboratory.

He then proceeds to say that Conor McGregor has shown him similar traits during the practice sessions. Chopra claims that McGregor has an obsession with the little things, and often looked at their recordings to scrutinize every single movement. Chopra calls him a perfectionist who often goes much further than what the working-out hours are supposed to be. According to Chopra, Conor McGregor is always looking at the next level.