Maricopa County Election Officials Pushing Back On The Fraud Claims Of Lake

Maricopa County
Maricopa County

The officials from the Maricopa Country are pushing back on Kari Lake, the Republican rep because of her false claims of fraud in Arizona’s gubernatorial race in the court last Thursday. The Maricopa County is currently offering some latest details about their problem of printing that has undoubtedly delayed the vote counting.

Kari Lake after losing to Katy Hobbs, her democrat opposition by a margin of as low as seventeen thousand votes in November, filed a lawsuit trying to overturn the results of the poll. The Superior court judge of Maricopa Country, Peter Thompson decided a two-day trial for the case that ended in the Thursday afternoon. The case has been a huge success for Maricopa County as the case concluded with only two of Lake’s ten claims in the initial complaint.

Maricopa County Election Officials Are Striking Back On False Claims Of Kari Lake:

Kari Lake, the repub leader was completely focused on the lies former president Trump had spread about frauds in the counting of presidential election, 2020 and she built her whole campaign on that issue. So, as she lost the election last month she has been falsely claiming that it was she who would have tasted the victory in that election too.

Even though the legal team of Kari Lake in the trial have not offered any evidence that supports her claims of misconduct in the counting process, they kept criticizing the election management of Maricopa County.

Maricopa County attorney Tom Liddy criticized Kari’s campaign as well as the Republican Party in Arizona for questioning the legitimacy of advanced and postal votes, leaving GOP voters to suffer the burden of minor problems on Election Day.

The co-director of elections of the Maricopa County, Scott Jarrett described the reason for printing problems in some of the places too.




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