Marjorie Taylor Greene Condemned For Calling Parkland Shooting Survivor “A Coward”

Marjorie Taylor Greene
Marjorie Taylor Greene

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been on the receiving end of many condemnations after her repeated and vocal support of several conspiracy theories or baseless Trump claims. But the reason this time is a video that has resurfaced of her slamming baseless claims on David Hogg, a Parkland gun control activist.

The video is from 2019 before she was elected as a Republican Rep. in the Congress. The video went viral almost immediately after resurfacing on January 27th, Wednesday. In the video she is seen to follow David Hogg as he is seen walking towards the Capitol in March 2019.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is heard to make false accusations and claims in the video where she goes up to him to ask him a series of baseless questions. Hogg is seen to walk away from the scene without making any comments on her claims. The questions asked to him were related to people’s gun rights and how a Parkland activist was meeting with the senators.

The Cause Will Not Die Because Of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Bullying, Says Hogg

Going on further, Marjorie Taylor Greene calls the Parkland shooting survivor a “coward” while Hogg walks away from the Republican Rep. as can be witnessed in the video. She further claimed that his gun control activism is being funded entirely by George Soros, a billionaire philanthropist.

Marjorie Taylor Greene mentions that Hogg is unable to fight for his cause because he lacks credible information to back up his stance. This is despite the fact that Hogg is himself a shooting survivor in his 11th grade where he was held hostage in his school.

Marjorie Taylor Greene later mentioned that the video was taken during a time when she was going to the Senate to put her stance against the gun control matter was being held up. She has also mentioned time and again that she will fight for the right of Americans to possess gun rights so that people can defend themselves in the face of imminent danger.

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