Mark Brnovich Refutes Trump’s Team Claim Of 282 Deceased Voters In Arizona 2020 Elections

Mark Brnovich

Mark Brnovich, the Arizona attorney running for the US Senate has admitted that his investigation has revealed that found just a dead voter instead of the 282 ballots that were allegedly cast for dead persons during voting in Arizona for the 2020 presidential elections.

The Republican candidate’s findings further discredit any review conducted by a firm owing allegiance to the then president, Donald Trump. The Cyber Ninjas were an unproven and partisan firm and comprised supporters of Trump who made false claims of electoral malpractice during the 2020 elections.

Mark Brnovich admitted that his agents scrutinized all individuals reported dead by the Ninjas. Many of the candidates were surprised that they had been declared dead by the investigating firm appointed by the Republicans. He wrote to Karen Fann, the Senate President in Arizona. She subpoenaed ballots, election data, and tabulators and hired the Cyber Ninjas for “forensic audits.

Mark Brnovich Had Backed The Ninjas Report To Getting Trump’s Backing

Mark Brnovich also stated that the single instance of a dead ballot did not warrant an investigation as the ballot was not part of the total. He said that not one of the 3 criminal cases filed by the AG over dead votes was linked to the Ninjas.

Brnovich also did not reveal if any charges were filed about the single instance and his team did not reply to text messages or phone calls. The rest of the voters listed by the Ninjas were alive and were present voters.

A total of 409 names were investigated and included reports of deceased voters from other sources. The Election Integrity Unit could produce only some cases. Mark Brnovich had assured of the genuineness of the election process in 2020 immediately after Biden was declared victorious. But he later backtracked and referred to the investigation by the Ninjas in a bid to get Trump’s backing for the Senate campaign. Donald Trump blasted Brnovich for not doing enough about his election fraud claims and backed Blake Masters for the Senate.

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