Mark Meadows Out Of Voter Rolls In North Carolina

Mark Meadows

Even as a criminal investigation against Mark Meadows continues after registering as a voter at a house he never lived in or owned, North Carolina removed him from the electoral roll. This decision was confirmed by the director of the board of election of Macon County, Melanie Thibault. His wife, Debra’s registration remained active.

Mark Meadows was a North Carolina congressman before he became a part of Trump’s team. Mark Meadows registered himself at a rented address in a Scaly mountain mobile home. But he never visited the place.

He voted as an absentee from that false address during the presidential elections in 2020. He later registered as a voter in Virginia.

The previous holder of the mobile property and neighbors reported that Mark Meadows’ wife had lived there for some days by he never visited the place.

Thibault stated that the county was following standard procedure in removing Mark Meadows from the electoral roll, as a voter who registered in a different state automatically forfeits their North Carolina registration.

Meadows and his wife own a condo in neighboring Virginia and voted from there in 2021. This led to the resolution to remove Meadows from the electoral rolls.

Investigation For Voter Fraud To Continue Against Mark Meadows

But the investigation into alleged voter fraud against Meadows continues. The fierce Trump devotee has never remarked on the issue. Meadows had spoken at length on the presidential election fraud and how it had influenced Trump’s prospects in 2020.

In his memoir, Mark Meadows had extensively addressed the issue and said that Trump had strongly suggested that there was fraud involved in the mail-in votes. The Trump camp lost all cases of voter fraud. Meadows had then said that millions of Americans were genuinely concerned over voting fraud during the presidential elections.