Polygon Promises To Go Carbon Neutral This Year


The Polygon network has expressed its ambition to become climate positive and carbon-neutral in 2022 with its plans that have been dubbed the ‘Green Manifesto: A Smart Contract With Planet Earth.’ Polygon has also pledged $20M to compensate for its carbon footprint into carbon negative.

Plans for a sustainable future comprise pumping in more resources for partners of the ecosystem. It will also offer the finances and the infrastructure necessary for the ecosystem partners that wish to offset the carbon footprints. People can purchase additional credits to turn carbon negative.

The company plans to support NGOs that intend to donate towards the eradication of climate change. The company has announced that its Green Manifesto puts freedom above all the Web3 ethos.

Polygon Promises Finances And Infrastructure

Polygon’s plans include promoting a more sustainable future through resources offered to ecosystem partners wishing to reduce their carbon footprint.

The network also has plans to offer the finances and infrastructure needed for the partners of the ecosystem desirous of reducing their carbon footprint.

The company has started working with KlimaDAO, the developer-controlled group that delivers carbon off-setting technology. It is a carbon intensity measuring tool. The purpose is to build a management strategy by studying emissions from bridging activities or staking node hardware and also the consumption of energy achieved by connecting to the Ethereum Mainnet.

An analysis published by Polygon also revealed that 99 percent of emissions from Polygon are caused by bridging activities and checkpointing

This manifesto released by The company comes days after it worked on several vital developments that included a new identity verification platform that is powered by ZK cryptography (zero-knowledge).

This service is known as Polygon ID and will help verify user information even while it preserves on-chain privacy.

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