Mark Meadows’ Request To Transfer The Georgia Election Tampering Case To Court Is Denied

mark meadows

On Friday, a judge denied former chief of staff of the White House Mark Meadows’ request to transfer his criminal case from Georgia to court. This decision was a major defeat for Mark Meadows as well as a worrying one for ex-President Trump.

The claims against Meadows in the FC district attorney’s indictment on counts of election subversion, according to US District Judge Steve Jones, were primarily “related to certain political activities” and not to Meadows’ position as chief of staff in the White House. According to Jones, a Barack Obama appointment, “The overwhelming weight of the evidence in front of the Court indicates that Meadows did not engage in the scope of his executive duties during the majority of the OA alleged.”

Mark Meadows Case Currently Being Heard In Gorgea State Court

Although the court indicated the decision did not apply to the other defendants, the ex-president, along with his eighteen co-defendants in the extensive racketeering case brought by the FCDA stand to benefit significantly from the Friday judgment. Trump is anticipated to follow Mark Meadows’ lead and submit a request to transfer the case to federal court. 

Mark Meadows unsuccessfully claimed that the claims in the allegation should be relocated since they were related to his responsibilities as the chief of staff in the White House. Meadows’ case is currently being heard in a Georgia state court. His attorneys requested that the matter be heard in court so that they might use the federal immunity granted to some people who are being sued or prosecuted for actions connected to their jobs in the US government to try to have the case completely dismissed.

The judge’s ruling may serve as a guide for other defendants who are attempting to advance their cases. For the ones who want to rely on the same immunity defenses, it’s a worrying indication. The court made it clear in his decision that he’s not giving his judgment on the primary criminal case brought by Fulton County against Mark Meadows, who had pled not guilty.

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