Martin Odegaard And Arsenal, Deal Risks

Martin Odegaard
Martin Odegaard

The football club, Arsenal, has been successful in securing a very talented player, Martin Odegaard, for themselves. He is a midfielder whose track record, for the remaining season, is a very impressive one. Odegaard has entered a team that needs to prove themselves worthy for the upcoming Champions League.

Martin Odegaard As A Player

The 22-year-old footballer who hails from Norwegia had his breakout in the season of 2019-20 with the Spanish sports club, Real Sociedad. It can be said that Martin Odegaard overachieved in that season. He contributed to taking the La Real to the European qualification from the mid-table. He earned the title of the “player of the month” in the September La Liga in the year 2019.

Not only that but, Martin Odegaard was also successful in knocking out his parent club in the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey. The success of his was so immense that Real Madrid had even thought of getting him back. This was considered against the option of loaning him for another year to the side of the Basque.

However, it seemed like the return would only take place in the distant future until it was intervened. That was done by the club, Arsenal, under the influence of the manager, Mikel Arteta, and Dani Ceballos, the Madrid loanee of Martin Odegaard.

There is no doubt with regard to the talents of Martin Odegaard. The only bump in the road is the fact that he has never been a player of the Premier League. So, this means that there are risks in the deal. According to the estimations, loaning the player could cost somewhere around 5 million USD. This amount includes the fees of the loan as well as the wages.

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