Quarterly Earnings Of Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) Surpasses Estimates


Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) has recently released the results of their quarterly earnings on 26th January 2021, Tuesday. They reported an EPS of $2.03 that has surpassed the $1.64 consensus estimate by almost $0.39. The company had a $43.08B quarterly revenue as compared to the $40.23B estimates made by the analysts.

The firm had a 40.74% equity return with a 32.28% net margin. The revenue of MSFT had increased on an annualized basis by nearly 16.7%. They had a $1.51 EPS in this quarter last year.

On Tuesday, the shares of the company were trading at a surged price of $2.80 in the midday trading session. As a result, it reached $232.33. The stock of Microsoft had a volume of trading that consisted of shares of about 39,723,756. In comparison to this, they had a 30,319,623 average volume.

Microsoft’s current, quick, and leverage ratio is 2.53, 2.49, and 0.46. Their lowest in 1 year is $132.52 while the highest is $234.18. Their market cap is $1.76T. Their PE, P/E, and beta are 37.53, 2.44, and 0.83. Their 50-day rolling average stands at $218.96 while the 200 day is at $213.51.

Market Undertakings Of MSFT Stock

Barclays reinstated the rating of ‘buy’ to MFST stock and gave a price objective of $250. Mizuho lifted it to $255 from $240 and gave a rating of ‘buy’. Smith B. Citigroup raised the rating to ‘buy’ from ‘neutral’. Oppenheimer promoted it to ‘outperform’ from ‘market perform’ and assigned a price objective of $260. Deutsche Bank increased it to $250 from $245 and gave a rating of ‘buy’. The company received a consensus ‘buy’ recommendation with a $237.65 price objective.

Bradford Smith, President, sold off 200,000 MFST shares at $222.58 EPS worth $44,516,000. Satya Nadella, CEO, sold off 104,500 MFST shares at $222.52 EPS worth $23,253,340.Insiders own 0.05% MFST stock.