Biden Chooses Marty Walsh For The Post Of Labor Secretary

Marty Walsh
Marty Walsh

President-elect Joe Biden was expected to choose Marty Walsh as the head of the Labor Department who also enjoys the unions’ support, given Biden’s ties with the leaders of the labor unions. President-elect Biden has decided to pick Mayor of Boston Marty Walsh who is also a former union leader for serving in the post of the Labor secretary of his cabinet ending the selection process which is responsible for splitting the famous labor movement while stoking concerns of diversity among the Democrats.

Walsh beat several other candidates considered for the post including Andy Levin(Mich-D), former deputy secretary of the Labor Department, Seth Harris, Bill Spriggs, Chief Economist, AFL-CIO, and Labor secretary of California, Julie Su. His selection confirms that Biden overlooked more diverse choices since Marty being a white person. Pacific Islanders and Asian American people have been lobbying for Su. Bill is also Black.

Reasons Behind The Selection Of Marty Walsh

Biden was expected to select the person for this post who enjoys the unions’ support because Joe supports labor leaders, the right of organizing, and his agenda of pro-worker that he has previously campaigned on. Biden and Marty Walsh have a strong and personal bond. Biden didn’t only gave a speech at the inauguration of the mayor’s 2017, the two were also seen together inside Boston for the marathon bombings’ anniversary, at the workers’ rally of Shop and Shop, and dinner.

During November, Richard Trumka, President, AFL-CIO, told POLITICO that he is Joe’s friend and has worked jointly on several occasions. They possess the relationship necessary for running this office. The decision of nominating Marty Walsh came as a heavy blow to outside groups and AAPI lawmakers who wanted an American of Asian American heritage for filling in the post of Labor Secretary.