Chris Malone, Assistant Coach Fired By Tennessee-Chattanooga Following Racist Tweet

Chris Malone
Chris Malone

On Thursday, Tennessee-Chattanooga fired Chris Malone, assistant coach of football for his racist tweet mocking Stacey Abrams, an activist of voting rights and Georgia politician. Rusty Wright, head coach, and Mark Wharton, the athletic director issued statements firing Chris Malone who since then has deleted his tweet. Malone, coach of the offensive line for Tennessee-Chattanooga tweeted on Tuesday night regarding the runoff elections of the Georgia Senate and the role of Abram in expanding voter turnout.

Wright Talks About The Violation Of Moral Standards By Chris Malone

Malone tweeted congratulations to Fat Albert for showing America how to cheat in a presidential election. He called the person a big girl and told her to enjoy the money and the buffet. Since then Malone has deactivated and deleted his account on Twitter. Write posted on social media that their program of football has a very clear mark of standards. Those standards talk about respecting others. Their players hear these messages daily. He reiterated that the post on Twitter by Chris Malone, one staff member was unacceptable and Chattanooga Football doesn’t stand for this post.

He said that life is much bigger than the sport football and everyone should set an example like that. Abrams, one assembly member of the state of Georgia from 2007-2017 who was the minority leader running for governor during 2018. She was the 1st Black woman who became a major nominee of the party for governor. Abrams lost to Governor Brian Kemp in one of the closest races ever which sparked allegations of suppressing the voters.

Abrams endorsed Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, both Democratic candidates for Senate who emerged victorious in their runoff elections Tuesday. Chris Malone spent the last two years being the coach of Tennessee-Chattanooga. Previously he used to coach at James Madison, Old Dominion, Massachusetts, and several other programs. Chris Malone spent his 2013 season being the game coordinator and coach of the offensive line at the historic Black university Virginia State.