Marvel Comics Shares Teasers: Fresh Details Out For Upcoming One-Shot ‘Timeless’

Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics made public a fresh series for teasers for their upcoming Timeless. The one-shot promises to give fans more about the direction of Marvel Comics placing Kang the Conqueror in the front and center.

Be prepared to witness the heroic journey of Kang the Conqueror as he sets across time and space to determine the destination of Marvel Comics Universe in Timeless #1 by writer Jed MacKay.

This singular one-shot movie will pave the way for a lot more of Marvel Comics’ exciting offerings for 2022. And leading towards that, fans finally saw several mysterious teasers calling attention to the astounding instants that lie in wait for fans when Kang confronts time itself.

Marvel Comics Teasers Reveal A Future Still Unknown

The tantalizing teasers also pose queries about Thanos’ latest weapon, the future meddling by Dr. Doom, and the role of Kang’s buddy on this mission, Anatoly Petrov.

There is the fascinating development when Kang does not know what transpires next in the progression of endeavors in Timeless. Some things happen as predicted, but in a shaken timeline, other events are completely different fabrications. There remains a lot to speculate about the course of events in the next two years.

The ongoing series of Kang the Conqueror has been singularly brilliant, so fans remain intrigued about what is in store next in the Universe.

Such one-off teasers that hint at future development are enjoyable and something that fans look forward to, such as Thanos wielding Thor’s Mjolnir, something that he has never done in Marvel. But then he has the Infinity Gauntlet to help him.

Marvel Comics has revealed that the spectacular stories lined up for 2022 will definitely thrill Marvel fans and serve as a setup to a seismic future with the characters going to unexpected places and periods. Kang will reveal the things to come shortly.