Neera Tanden’s Nomination To The Management And Budget Office Has Been Withdrawn

Neera Tanden
Neera Tanden

The nomination of Neera Tanden has been withdrawn by the White House. She was nominated by the acting president of the country, Joe Biden. It was done so to the office of the Management and Budget. Had she got selected, she was to become the leader of the department. The decision from the White House comes following the decision taken up by Tanden herself. This is the first defeat faced by the president since he took over the office.

Neera Tanden Wrote A Letter To Biden

Joe Biden gave a statement with regard to the decision concerning Neera Tanden. He stated that it was she who requested him to take back his nomination. He also added that she would continue contributing her service in Biden’s administration. The president said that he respected her accomplishments and her abilities. He also added that Neera Tandon gave a perspective to his work.

The 50-year-old former aide for the campaign of Clinton, faced harsh criticism when it came to her nominations. It was because of the comments she had made on a few lawmakers.

Neera Tanden took to social media to make such comments. The lawmakers who she criticized, belonged to both the Democratic as well as the Republican parties.

Owing to her comments, several important senators expressed their dislike of her. They claimed that they would not support her nomination. According to sources, there was no chance for her to get selected irrespective of the withdrawal. This was said by the White House itself.

Neera Tanden wrote a letter to President Joe Biden concerning the matter. She said that it was such an honour for her to even get nominated by him. This was something she would be proud of throughout her life. She also appreciated the efforts taken up by the administration of the president to make her win.

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