Afghans’ Crisis, A Potential Political Threat?

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Medal of Honor

The administration of Joe Biden, the President of the United States of America, is quite busy resettling and evacuating the refugees of Afghanistan. This sets the ground for the political battle that is likely to take place in the country in the immediate future. The main focus of the battle will be on the subject of the American involvement in matters of the Afghans. The right-wing politicians of the country are growing more extremist with regard to the anti-immigrant policy

Afghans, Immigrants, And President Biden

The main focus of President Joe Biden as a politician is the fact that he is empathetic towards the needy. And this is the biggest reason why people supported him in the 2020 presidential election over former President Donald Trump. However, with the deteriorating situation of the Afghans on one hand and Donald Trump on the other, he finds himself in a situation where he has to do a lot of thinking before making any political decision. 

On one side lies his ethics and the principles that have led him to win the elections of the country as the President had on the other lies the challenge of Republican Donald Trump who can give him a tough fight in the 2014 presidential elections. 

The fear is that if he goes ahead and supports the Afghans then he might be accused of not taking care of the Americans by his Republican counterpart.  And this may result in him losing his official seat in 2024. To make matters worse, former President Donald Trump has already begun accusing him of not being good enough for the country. This incident took place while he was giving a speech in Alabama. The refugee problem in the country was an issue even before the Afghans’ crisis came into play.