Stimulus Check 2023: After Minneapolis, Now Massachusetts Geared Up To Send Stimulus Check

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From the 20th Minneapolis started sending out checks under the guaranteed income program. They were the makers of this program. Now Massachusetts will be sending out $500 worth of stimulus check every month. This program is likely to start within two weeks.  From the first week of June.

They have named it Rise Up Cambridge. Starting from 1st June and the application process will likely continue till 31st July.

They have discussed a unique way of knowing if you are getting the checks or not.

A screening process will be done. So as an eligible candidate, you can almost immediately know if you are getting your checks or not.

A Stimulus Check Perhaps The Residents Have Been Dying To Get

Previously Massachusetts has been sending 14% of its tax rebate to its residents as a stimulus check.

Now Minneapolis has shown them the way of doing things. They have thought of the same amount which is $500 to be sent out to residents each month.

Perhaps Massachusetts is doing things in a more advanced way.

If you are a Cambridge resident and you have a child you are eligible for it.

Or if you recently stepped into adulthood if you are 18 and working you can also claim this stimulus check. However, one person in your home must be 21 years old. So that adults will have the authority over you.

They have set around $22 million for residents of Cambridge. This $22 million will be divided among all homes, $500 equally.

You must belong to the borderline poverty level or below 250% according to the Massachusetts median income level.

This $500 worth of stimulus check will continue for 18 months. It’s great support to lower-income families. 

Nevertheless, this has nothing to do with Social Security or SSI.

For 18 months it’s roundabout $9000. This can be easily used for medical expenses or academic purposes.