Ron DeSantis’ Shrewd Move In The Presidential Run

ron desantis

Previously he has made comments like no one from Republican supporters should be engaging with the Former president’s supporters. They cannot afford to irritate them on any level. Ron DeSantis’ position is perhaps at stake. He has his differences with Donald Trump, however, they have agreed on many terms. Things didn’t sit right with many. DeSantis pulled off many political stunts which are not comprehensive to many.  Now he is engaged in conversation with Elon Musk. They are having open conversations on Twitter.

He is now openly challenging former president Donald Trump. Many are calling it a foolish move.

Ron DeSantis Tone Went Up With The New Challenge

His leaked video of a statement storming the internet for the past few weeks. Now this tone came as a shock. Ron DeSantis is now proudly pronouncing how bad the former president was. He was the total opposite of a president.

Ron DeSantis has challenged Donald Trump openly saying he is a figure of true ” anti-establishment”. The United States of America couldn’t rise in those four years he ruled. He sold America. According to DeSantis, Donald Trump never maintained the proper norms of a president. He broke all the traditional rules Americans have been conditioned with all these years.

In other ways, Elon Musk is confident about the next presidential run. He has faith it’s going down just like in 2016 and 2020. Perhaps he has given the hint of Donald Trump’s false votes accusations.

Ron DeSantis has been voicing his opinion on how America should be. He clearly indicated to Trump how America shouldn’t be.

His change of tone is bothering many including his own Republican members.

Without even realizing he is digging his own grave. He made a huge mistake by choosing Twitter to voice his own opinions. Ron DeSantis is using Twitter to make everyone know his power. Which is currently unavailable to Donald Trump. The previous owner banned him after the 2020 vote accusations.