Matt Damon Feels Humbled By His Daughter For His Choices Of Films

matt damon
matt damon

During the promotion of Stillwater, Matt Damon talked about his kids who are merciless, while rating his films. Isabella, one of her four daughters, refuses to watch any movie that Matt had a good role in. She absolutely despises Good Will Hunting. Matt believes that his daughters help him stay humble and keep his ego in check.

Damon agreed to work in Stillwater, after a private meeting with his family. He played the role of a rig worker, visiting France to help her daughter escape from the prison. 

Matt and his family have a pact that they should never be away for more than fourteen days but he had to violate that pact for the sake of Stillwater. Matt loves his children and knows that they are appreciative of his profession and they know how much Matt loves his job.

Matt Damon Prefers His Family Over His Profession.

Matt Damon is planning to avoid other offers as he wants his family to settle and also wants his children to be prepared for their new schools in New York. He is worried that his children should not lead a privileged lifestyle as it gets very painful in the future when they realize that money is not the solution.

Matt Damon has a hard grip on his emotions now as he was seen tearing up at the premiere for Stillwater in Cannes. He was applauded by the crowd for five minutes for his brilliant work.

Matt Damon believes that bearing kids has benefitted his profession. He does not have to reach for any particular emotion- be it joy or pain. It feels like everything is closer to grasp as the stakes become higher, once you have a family to look after.