Matt Hancock Apologizes For Embrace Despite COVID-19 Restrictions: Strong Whiff of An affair

Matt Hancock
Matt Hancock

Just minute-long footage has been enough to throw Matt Hancock into an embarrassing position. The Health Secretary was seen embracing his married aide despite pandemic restrictions in place during that period.

The Department of Health and Social Care footage shows Matt Hancock embracing Gina Coladangelo, after a furtive glance to check for any intrusion.

Matt Hancock Refuses To Resign Despite Embrace Footage

The footage appears to show Matt Hancock kissing his aide, his aide, and adviser. The footage is from March 6, according to The Sun, which published the footage. That is 2 weeks ahead of the administration allowing cross-household interaction in England.

Matt Hancock has delivered a statement asking for privacy, along with an apology where he mentioned his breach of the social distance guidelines.

He said that he would appreciate privacy at this moment, even as he was concentrating on getting the country free of the pandemic.

Matt Hancock Also Faces Charges Of Cronyism

The Sun has also reported that he was previously under fire for an allegation of cronyism for granting a government order to an acquaintance for COVID-19 kits.

The Health Secretary has clung to his position despite a charge of mishandling the pandemic. Dominic Cummings, the Prime Minister’s former adviser has accused him of bungling the test program and also being untruthful about the intensity of the situation in homes. He has also been accused of causing a shortage of protective gear.

128,000 people lost their lives in the UK from the pandemic. It is the highest fatality count in Europe. The administration failed miserably right at the onset with the system of test and trace. The administration has also come under fire for its gross neglect of homes, as many facilities went without protective equipment and guidelines.

Even the Queen has been forced to comment on Matt Hancock’s predicament, referring to the Health Secretary as ‘poor man’.