Matthew McConaughey Has An Edge Over Governor Abbott

Matthew McConaughey
Matthew McConaughey

According to the polls, Matthew McConaughey, the Hollywood actor, has a high chance of entering into the politics of the country with a good amount of support. The oscar-winner has a strong chance of becoming the next governor of the state of Texas. 

Matthew McConaughey, The Next Texas Governor?

The poll was undertaken by the Texas University and the news media, “The Dallas Morning News.” The result of the polls came out this Sunday. The result strongly made the suggestion that nearly 45% of the population of Texas has an inclination towards Matthew McConaughey. It also suggested the fact that only about 33% would go for Greg Abbott, the current governor of the state of Texas. Also, about 22% of the population favored going for neither Abbott nor the actor.

When it came to the decision of the party, almost 56% of those belonging to the Republican party gave the opinion that they favored Governor Abbott. And 30% chose to favor the “Interstellar” actor. When it comes to the Democratic party, the actor has the support of 66% of Democrats. Only 8% of them favor voting for the acting governor. As for that of the independent voters, a total of 44% extended their support for Matthew McConaughey. Greg Abbott retained the support of 29% of them.

One of the political scientists of the Texas university, Mark Owens, gave a statement with regard to the results of the polls. It was stated that the reason for the advantage of the Hollywood actor is his fame. And that is complemented by all the deeds he does for the betterment of the people of Texas. Owens further added the fact that a major half of the respondents of the survey are well aware of the story of the actor. And there are still many who are waiting to see how he approaches his next endeavor.