Biden Administration Cracks Down On Ghost Guns

ghost gun
ghost gun

US President Biden has finally set in place a new set of regulations that targets the untraceable ghost gun. These are weapons assembled from implements that are purchased online and activated in minutes.

Joe Biden said that the administration would do everything to clamp down on ghost gun trafficking. While commercially manufactures guns, including handguns, have proper serial numbers and records of sales, ghost guns were not part of these regulations till now. But both are equally lethal and pose a law and order problem.

The father of Woom Sing Tse, William Tse, said that all guns should be registered and have a proper serial number, a record of sales, and should be traceable so that someone could be held accountable. Woom was shot dead in Chinatown by an assailant wielding a ghost gun last December.

Law Enforcement Officers Say Only Criminals Would Need A Ghost Gun To Avoid Detection

William said that only an individual intending to commit a crime would choose a gun without a serial number. Jay Leonardi of the Aurora police pointed out that such guns can be manufactured in a basement by people who can just look up online instructions on how to build a gun.

Leonardi said that ghost guns remain a mounting menace to society. He said many of these guns are regularly traced and confiscated. He said that they are similar to conventional guns and people would not notice the difference.

These guns are easily bought online without any restrictions and there are a growing number of them in circulation.

The Chicago police have recorded a huge jump in the number of ghost guns seized by the police. While 139 were seized in 2020, the number went up to 458 in 2021, an increase of over 300%. Advocates say that it will lead to a spurt in gun violence.

Gun Prevention Control’s Kathleen Sances that these guns are an ideal choice for people intending to commit crimes as they are untraceable, untraceable, and can be assembled in 15 minutes.

As per law, any ghost gun can be legalized by having a serial number affixed to it at a registered gun shop.