Matthew Vaughn Expressed Desire To Make Fun Superman Starring Henry Cavill

Matthew Vaughn
Matthew Vaughn

The “Kingsman” filmmaker, Matthew Vaughn, is currently DC and Warner Bros top choice to direct the next Superman film. Matthew Vaughn clearly stated that he wants to create an enjoyable Superman film with the current Superman, Henry Cavill.

Matthew Vaughn Is WB’s Top Choice

Matthew was revealed to be the leading choice in 2017. He was supposed to create a sequel to Zack Snyder’s reboot of “Man Of Steel” (released in 2013). The release of Justice League the same year was a disaster. Justice League failed miserably at the box office. Since then, Henry Cavill hasn’t reprised the role of Superman. 

In an interview, Matthew Vaughn disclosed that he had pitched his version of Superman before WB created Man of Steel. Henry Cavill starred in Matthew Vaughn’s “Argylle” and left Vaughn mesmerized. Matthew believes that a Superman movie that is light and fun is needed. 

If given the chance, Vaughn believes that Cavill and he would make a very good Superman movie. He confessed that he does not know who WB is run by. 

Matthew Vaughn stated that it was an error to release SvB: DoJ right after Man of Steel. Injecting Batman vibes into Superman’s universe was not a good decision. He feels that the two worlds have different vibes that do not make sense together. Batman’s films were perfect since they followed the dark theme true to the comic. Superman comics are light and fun and so should the movies, explained Vaughn. 

Vaughn has directed Kick-Ass and the prequel to X-Men. He is currently working on the third Kingsman movie creating a franchise.