David Kang – from a broke 19-year-old to a multimillionaire day trader 

David Kang
David Kang

Successful day trader and founder of Prosperity Trading, David Kang, goes from being a teenager struggling with his finance to a world-renowned stock trader and coach 

David Kang’s case will fit perfectly into a grass-to-grace story as the successful stock trader was able to defy several obstacles to live his dream of an enviable lifestyle. Mister Investor as he is known comes from a lower-middle-class family and was looking to become a professional violinist. He did not have the prettiest childhood experience as both of his parents were diagnosed with health problems that made it impossible for them to work. However, things were about to change for David and his family after discovering stock trading. 

At 19 years old in my freshmen year of college, I heard some classmates talking about stocks. I asked about it and they said to check out a free app called StockTwits,” said David Kang. “I was young, broke, naïve, and desperate so I decided to dump all my $2,000 of money that I saved up into this stock. During class, I pulled my phone out of my pockets to check how my investment was doing and I realized I was up $300 in 30 minutes of buying the stock, so I immediately sold for $300 profit,” David continued. 

This was the beginning of greatness for the young David Kang. While David did not perform particularly well in school, he was making good money off the stock market. “I asked the librarian to take me to the section of trading and investing and ever since then, I started studying daily more than my school classes. My grades went down, but my money went up. This is how my journey of stock trading began,” said David Kang. 

David Kang was determined to share his knowledge with the world, helping struggling traders to master the art of making constant profits. This led to the creation of Prosperity Trading, where he works with a team of dedicated and well-trained professionals to provide traders with a plethora of resources to enhance their trading experience. 

Prosperity Trading currently offers trading courses, videos, eBooks, scanners/tools, and a 24/7 chat room to provide support to traders. The company also provides traders with the ability to network with hundreds of top traders, live picks/alerts/signals, and live voice commentary with screen share to lead many traders to victory like they truly earned it.