Maya Rudolph On The Saturday Night Live

Maya Rudolph
Maya Rudolph

Maya Rudolph, the American comedian, and actress made her return to the show of which she had been an important part. The show in question is Saturday Night Live. The actress had hosted a number of series of the variety sketch. She had shared the floor with Jack Harlow, the American music personality. Harlow was welcomed as the musical guest of the evening.

Maya Rudolph’s Lovely Monologue

The 48-year-old began her monologue by expressing her love for her family who had been present in the section of the audience in order to support the comedian. They included her four children and the parents of Maya Rudolph herself.

The Bridesmaids actress talked about the coronavirus pandemic as she spoke. She expressed a feeling of gratitude for the current situation after going through so much. She stated that she was genuinely pleased to be exactly where she is at the moment. She gave a specific name to the year 2020 which is “a real kick in the clam.” Maya Rudolph further added that things are going in the right direction especially since the start of the coronavirus vaccines.

Talking to the crowd, the host stated the fact that she was a former worker at the show. And then she said a few lines referring to her kids. She claimed that she was going to pull off a number of “weird” stunts, the ones that they have been witness to at home. Maya Rudolph, referring to her activities, stated that it would be like just another “typical day” for all of her four kids.

The comedian then proceeded with the show by dressing up as Beyonce from the 2021 Grammy Awards. she also portrayed herself as the vice-president Kamala Harris, as the show went on.

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