Unable to watch your favorite Netflix show in Australia – Try these quick fixes!


Netflix is a video-on-demand streaming and production company that offers its service via the internet. The company’s primary role is to provide streaming services that are based on subscriptions. The streaming catalog includes films, and television shows, whether produced in-house or licensed by a different production company.  

Unfortunately, many production houses enforce copyright by region, as different markets have different streaming content demands. Since the content deals are specific to a country, Netflix may decide to pay the production house demanded price to stream the title in one country, while its negotiations may fail in other countries.  

A clear example of this can be seen when comparing Netflix US and Netflix Australia libraries. Netflix Australia currently has 443 TV shows and 158 movies, equivalent to just 38.29% of TV series and 34.51% of movies held by Netflix US ( 1157 TV shows and 4593 movies, respectively). 

To counter this and get unlimited access to Netflix US library movies and television shows, many users take aid from Virtual Private Network to stream US Netflix in Australia.  

With or without a VPN, sometimes, when you try to watch your favorite show or movie on Netflix, you experience different issues and error messages from your device or the streaming service.  

This post will share with you solutions for some of the most popular issues that people have experienced.  So let’s dive into it.  

VPN or Proxy 

We aren’t judging you to access the Netflix library from another region in the VPN gateway scenario. Accordingly to Learning Hub, about 50% of the VPN users are using it to access Netflix and other geo-restricted services. 

At some point, you must have seen this message on your screen:  

Unable to watch your favorite Netflix show in Australia - Try these quick fixes! 3

The message indicates that Netflix has blocked the IP address of the VPN assigned to you.  

The only solution is to detach the VPN and reconnect it to any other location so that you are assigned a new and different IP address. Once you are allocated a unique IP address, you can try to re-access the same content.  

Title not available 

Experienced usually by Android phone and tablet users only. 

Unable to watch your favorite Netflix show in Australia - Try these quick fixes! 4

The above error message indicates that your data on the phone needs to be refreshed. You can refresh it by two methods.  

  • Update your Netflix application using Google Play Store. 
  • Log out the Netflix application and log back in again.  

5 Netflix Error Codes and Their Solutions 

From here on, we will be looking into some common Netflix error codes and their solutions.  

Error code NW 2-5 

The code starting with “NW” usually refers to a problem due to an internet connection.  

The error message reads:  Netflix has encountered an error, Retrying in x seconds.  

To resolve this problem, ensure that your device is connected to a stable and fast internet connection. Rebooting the modem and router is also a productive solution to this problem.  

Error code UI-113 

The error message reads:  We’re having a problem starting Netflix

This error message means that your Netflix data on the device is outdated, and you need to refresh the Netflix data. To do that, log out of the Netflix application, reboot your device, and then log back in again to the application.  

You may want to if any of your other devices are getting the same error message to confirm that the problem is with the device or the service overall.  

Error code H7361-1253-80070006 

The error message reads:  Oops, something went wrong. An unexpected error has occurred. Please reload the page and try again. 

The reason behind this error is probably due to your browser OS version. To fix it, try refreshing the browser page and make sure that you are running the latest version of your browser. Ultimately, you can use any other browser as well.  

Error code S7111-1101 

The error message reads:  Whoops, something went wrong… Unexpected error. Please reload the page and try again. 

Generally occurring on macOS devices, this error message can be resolved by clearing your browser cache, cookies, and history.  

Most error messages which start with S7111 have something to do with macOS devices.  

Error code 100 

Usually, this error message is recorded on Amazon devices and Smart TVs.  

The error message reads: Sorry we could not reach the Netflix service (-100) 

You will have to clear your Netflix application cache and data. Smart TVs usually do not have many options to perform this task, so you might have to reinstall the Netflix application one time.  

That’s all we have for you now to circumvent some basic and common Netflix issues while watching your favorite show in your home or during traveling. You can also check out these tips to enhance your Netflix experience while you are on the go.  

Undoubtedly, Netflix is the best and most popular streaming platform globally, but many other streaming platforms are giving it a tough time.  

If you are looking for an alternative but unable to determine which one is better for you, worry no more; we have just the right tools you need to make that decision.  

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