Meghan King Confused Over Her Marriage

Meghan King

Meghan King says she made a “mistake” by getting married to Cuffe Biden Owens so quickly after meeting him.

Meghan King, a former cast member of “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” recently discussed her marriage to Joe Biden’s nephew after only a few weeks of dating on the “Divorced Not Dead” podcast.

She called the hastily-arranged marriage a “mistake” and admitted that they had canceled it. I am a romantic, and I wish joy and success to all. That blunder taught me a lot. I am positive he did, too.

Meghan King Was Confused

The reality star went on to say that she was “confused” by marriage and placed much of the responsibility on her former spouse, saying that she “did not want to get hitched again, although it was vital to him.”

37-year-old Meghan King is relieved that the ordeal was “quick and short and it is done and it is annulled.”

When compared to first reactions to her breakup, the latest comments are quite a departure. She described the breakup that occurred in Dec 2021 as “very heartbreaking” at the time.

The lightning-fast timeline of Meghan and Cuffe’s relationship—from first meeting to final separation—was shocking. Upon their initial completion in Sept 2021, the couple quickly moved in together. They tied the knot in Oct of 2021 in Penn, in the presence of Vice President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden. There was no longer any love between them after eight weeks.

Meghan’s unglamorous love life now encompasses three weddings thanks to the annulment. According to an interview Meghan gave on SiriusXM’s “Jeff Lewis Live,” she said that her marriage to Brad McDill, which lasted from 2007 to 2011, “did not count” because she was so young when she tied the knot. In 2014, she wed Jim Edmonds, a former baseball player. They have three children together but are divorcing in 2019. Of course, there was also her canceled wedding to Cuffe.

With her love life on the back burner, reports say that Meghan is seeing Trevor Colhoun, the businessman and heir to a John Deere tractor dynasty.