Meghan King Splits Up With Cuffe Biden Husband Of Two Months

Meghan King
Meghan King

Cuffe Biden Owens is President Joe Biden’s nephew. He and Meghan King tied the knot in October. On Monday, Meghan revealed the state of their marriage through stories on Instagram. Her 1M followers on Instagram were left stunned.

Meghan King Left Heartbroken

Meghan King, aged 37, began her series of stories addressing the fact that many individuals and outlets have requested a statement on her marriage. She expressed her pain and the blow that she received from her married life. 

Meghan was devastated as she did not expect it all. While making vows she had dreams of a happy married life but life had other plans. She is grieved with the present situation but knows it is for the best. Meghan said that she and her children will come to terms with it privately. Letting go of their shattered dream is what they are working towards.

She ended the post by requesting kindness and grace as she and her family deal with the painful situation. 

Meghan King confided in her friends about her split on Friday, sources revealed. In Sept, the now-split couple had announced their engagement on Instagram. They exchanged vows on October 11. It was a small, beautiful wedding held at the Owens’ residence. 

Meghan King’s ex-husband, Jim Edmonds, revealed that he thought King marrying Biden Owen was a farce. They broke up in 2019 due to him sexting with other girls. He allegedly had an affair with the nanny.

When Meghan King and Cuffe Biden Owen matched on a dating site they could not get enough of each other. They were obsessed. Everything went so fast. They got married within four weeks of dating. They planned their future together.

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