Meghan Markle: ‘I Gave Up My Entire Life for the Royal Family. It’s Very Sad.’

It has been reported that Meghan Markle told her friend she didn’t feel like a part of the royal family before the couple’s public departure from the British royal family. 

The very first extract published by Carolyn Durand and Omid Scobie’s “Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a modern Royal Family” has revealed the tough decisions the royal couple was faced with. Markle also said that the criticism she received from tabloids had an immense negative impact on her. 

The extract also mentioned that Prince Harry was used to the media hounding, but he was disappointed in his family’s stance. Apparently, the couple felt closed in and sidelined by the royal institution. The extract has been published in The Times of London. 

The tell-all book comes after the couple issued a lawsuit against the paparazzi for intruding in their private life. They have alleged that their young son Archie’s photos were illegally taken in their Los Angeles home. 

“There were so many occasions when the institution and his family could have helped them, stood up for them, backed them up, and never did,” mentioned the extract.