Melanie Stansbury Wins The Special Election Of New Mexico

New Mexico governor
Melanie Stansbury

Melanie Stansbury, the state Representative from the Democratic Party, gained victory at the special congress election of New Mexico. It took place this Tuesday. She won over Mark Moores, the politician belonging to the Republican party. She will now go on to fill Deb Haaland’s seat who is the interior secretary of Joe Biden, the American President. 

Melanie Stansbury Vs Mark Moores

It was the election to represent the first-ever Congressional district of the state of New Mexico that also includes Albuquerque. It had been a four-way contest. Melanie Stansbury, in her campaign, had talked about numerous initiatives of the administration of President Joe Biden. The victory of the Democratic candidate has fueled up the majority of the party in the US Congress by a thin margin. Currently, it is 219-211. 

According to the critics, Republican Mark Moores made the exploitation of the increasing murder rate that is prevalent in the city of Albuquerque. The state senator also went on to criticize his opponent, Melanie Stansbury by saying that she was “soft.” He passed comments on her especially for her act of supporting the act called “BREATHE.” As per the act, there will be no supply of federal funding from the department of police. The 42-year-old Melanie Stansbury chose to support the bill despite everything. She also directed her work for the state legislature to provide funds for public safety.

All this was done by her in hopes to deflate the “law and order attacks” of the GOP.  Melanie Stansbury was not alone while she took the decision. She was supported by Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, Jill Biden, the first lady, and Haaland. Moores, in his campaign, had declared that he would be fighting for the industry of oil and gas as well as the police. The reason for this is because President Biden had given the order to suspend the permits on new drilling in the month of January.