Steph Curry Signs New Warriors Contract Worth $50Mn Annually

steph curry
steph curry

The NBA has a handful of superstars right now, and Steph Curry is one of them. After all the on-court records, he is adding another record to his NBA career. He is now the first player to sign more than one contract worth over $200Mn.

Another Extension For Steph Curry

The Warriors decided on offering Steph Curry another extension. This time, it is a deal for four years, worth $215Mn. The contract will expire in 2016. The new pact will see the Golden State Warriors pay Curry about $53Mn annually on average. In the last year, the payment will be $60Mn. NBA rules say that the Warriors will have to wait till 6th August to make the official announcement. But a CNBC source claimed that all was agreed.

33-year-old Steph Curry had a terrific season in 2020-21. He was the NBA scoring leader (scoring an average of 32 points every game). He scored 42% from outside the three-point circle. He was also named to the All-Stars for the 7th time. His current deal worth $201Mn will be ending in 2022.

Even though the contract numbers make the headlines, the Warriors will be automatically earning enough to make the deal. With Steph Curry secured, the high revenue streams of the Warriors team are protected. This includes a jersey sponsorship worth $20Mn annually. Forbes reports that the Warriors earn almost $500Mn every season. It is expected that it will get close to an annual amount of $700Mn.

When the newest contract of Steph Curry runs out, he is estimated to be worth somewhere around $500Mn in earnings from basketball. This does not include taxes. Even then, he would be only 37 years old, so there will be more basketball offers to await him. The business of the NBA has been immensely helped by Steph Curry.