US monitoring intelligence that North Korean leader is in grave danger after surgery

According to a US official monitoring intelligence, Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea is in severe danger due to surgery from the past.

Speculations are rife about the leader’s health as he was absent for his grandfather’s birthday on 15th April. He was reportedly last seen four days back in a government meeting.

Another US official said that Kim Jong un’s health is a matter of concern but the gravity of the situation is difficult to comprehend.

According to a South Korean online news source that focuses on North Korea, Daily NK, the North Korean leader underwent a cardiovascular treatment on the 12th of April.

As per the paper, Kim Jong-un underwent the procedure due to his habit of excessive smoking, overwork, and obesity. Sources report, he is in a villa in Hyangsan county for treatment.

A source from South Korea told CNN that although the news of the leader’s ill-health is known to the South Korean authorities, they are not allowed to independently verify news published by Daily NK.