Memorial Day Honored By President Joe Biden

Memorial Day
Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, Joe Biden, the President of the United States of America, paid a visit to the Memorial Bridge that is situated in New Castle in the state of Delaware. He gave a speech observing Memorial Day. The Democratic President frequently pays a visit to the annual service that is held on the day by the “Commission of Veterans Affairs of Delaware.” Memorial Day is held every year on the last Sunday of the month of May. It is observed in order to honor the military personnel who gave up their lives while serving the country.

Memorial Day At Delaware

As President Joe Biden gave the speech this Sunday, he also made the mention of Beau Biden, his son. He pointed out the fact that Beau had also served in the Army National Guard of Delaware. He was then sent to Iraq after his unit got activated. This had taken place in October of the year 2008. The President further stated in his Memorial Day speech that he lost his son to Brain cancer in the year 2015. The President gave an extremely heartfelt speech as he thanked the army for their service.

He said that it was extremely tough to observe this day because it reminds everybody of the family that they have lost in the line of service. He stated that the day always brings back memories that are hard to go through. Joe Biden went on to thank both the military and their families for supporting and sacrificing so much for the country. He said on Memorial Day that the fallen ones will always be honored and remembered. Memorial Day got the recognition of being a federal holiday in the year 1971. It originates from the Civil War.