Dorit Kemsley Loses $1m

Dorit Kemsley
Dorit Kemsley

Dorit Kemsley is a popular face in American television. She has been a member of “The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills” cast. Kemsley is a leading fashion designer. She has designed the famous swimwear collection Beverly Beach. She also has a bridal line named “Nektaria”. 

However, things do not seem to be going well with the fashion entrepreneur. Dorit Kemsley has been allegedly robbed worth a million dollars. Multiple sources have confirmed the news of the robbery. According to preliminary investigations, the suspects have been narrowed down to three men. Let us learn more about the news below. 

Dorit Kemsley Robbed 1million! 

It has been a nightmare for Dorit Kemsley. Her house in California has been recently robbed. The incident is reported to have occurred on Wednesday. According to the police, the robbery was reported at around 10:50 pm. The account of the victim stated that there were a total of three males. 

As per Dorit’s account, the robbers entered the house breaking the glass of a window in the rear. The miscreants marched their way up as they came face to face with Kemsley. Dorit Kemsley was taking her time off and was lying in bed when the incident happened. 

Dorit Kemsley stated that the men were armed with guns. They pointed their arms at her and ordered her to obey them. The robbers asked her to hand over all the jewelry and other valuables without much fuss. In fact, one of the armed intruders was even intimidated to kill her. 

The loss amounted to almost a million dollars as per initial estimation. Dorit Kemsley’s house did have closed-circuit cameras. However, the footage is yet to be analyzed. The police department is conducting heavy investigations at the moment. They are expected to come up with a breakthrough soon. 

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