Tucker Carlson Welcomes Arrest of Peter Navarro that will help Third World Politics

Tucker Carlson
Tucker Carlson

Peter Navarro represents the perfect American citizen as the law-binding person. He is 72 years of age and is an ex-professor of a business school. Navarro had earned his Ph.D. from the University of Harvard in economics. He was engaged in a white-collar job very recently and worked as a trade adviser at the White House during the previous presidential administration. He was acknowledged for his strict decision on the China crisis. Tucker Carlson had stated that the left has been taking advantage of the US judicial system in order to take political revenge. 

Navarro Faces Anger From Tucker Carlson 

Tucker Carlson is the host of ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ that airs on Fox News. He has recently shared his views on the arrest of Peter Navarro for a dispute with the committee on January 6. Navarro is charged with a crime that nobody seems to know what it is. 

Although Navarro is the ideal person, the federal agents handcuffed him at the National Airport of Reagan in Washington. The agents did not call Navarro’s lawyers, which is customary, or waited for him at his home. In fact, they made a public display of his unwarranted arrest as if he is a fugitive. This act by federal agents was praised by Tucker Carlson. 

A Federal Conspiracy 

The federal agents put irons around Peter Navarro’s legs and imprisoned him. He has also been given years of imprisonment as one gets for being a criminal mastermind. However, he has rebelled against the subpoena issued by the committee on January 6 which is a partisan inquisition. 

January 6 is under Nancy Pelosi along with assistance from Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney who are like obedient quislings. However, such a paramount citizen’s arrest is welcomed by Tucker Carlson.