Memphis Grizzlies Have Lost Again, And This Time It’s The Jokic And Co.

memphis grizzlies
memphis grizzlies

The fight in the west has been a battle royale between the no. 1 and the no. 2 teams in the standings. Hopwever, when they faced each other Memphis Grizzlies haven’t had much of an answer to Denver Nuggets’ strong attack as they steamrolled the Grizzlies to win the match.

In the premier NBA Match-up that took place in the Mile High court, the consecutive MVP winner Nikolia Jokic took Denver Nuggets out of reach for Memphis Grizzlies proving how deserving he has been to get the MVP in consecutive times.

In the first quarter Ja Morant did grab the Nuggets by the neck as he went over Aaron Gordon, the erstwhile champion of the Dunk Contest. With that start, Memphis Grizzlies were looking good in the competition. The Nuggets at one was winning 2-11 at one point in the first quarter causing a force timeout call for the Memphis Grizzlies coach early in the game. At the first quarter, the Grizzlies were losing 14-35.

Memphis Grizzlies Decided To Defend Against two Time MVP Jokic And Failed Miserably:

Second half did not turn a lot for the Memphis Grizzlies as Jeff Green, an ex-Grizzly posterized Zilaire Williams and the coach had to call his third timeout hoping that might change their future. After the 2nd quarter of the first half, Denver Nuggets were probably eating nuggets at the top with a 40-55 scoreline in their favor.

Now, in the 1st quarter of the second half, the third of the match, Memphis Grizzlies had to do something to come back in the contest with something. Well, Denver Nuggets have already planned otherwise. Dillon Brooks scored three consecutive buckets in the beginning as he already took his lead to nine points.

Then as JJ, Memphis’ best defender was sent off, Jokic took the lead to fourteen points in that quarter. After that there was not much left in the game. In the final quarter even after Denver subbed Jokic, Grizzlies lost the game 91 to 105.