Ron DeSantis Faces Heat, Termed As A “Sellout”

Ron DeSantis
Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis is facing huge heat from the medical authorities and politicians. The third wave of the covid-19 virus has plagued the state of Florida largely. The number of infected has risen significantly. Florida has now been termed as the country hotspot for Covid. Coronavirus cases tallied at 73000 in one single week in Florida. The anti lockdown measures of Ron have been criticized heavily. 

Ron DeSantis’ Policy Of Anti-Lockdown Criticized Heavily

DeSantis was one of the few politicians who did not support the lockdown system. He believed that lockdown was not a solution to the pandemic. He was the only person who insisted on running the schools offline. Ron had a completely different take on the scenario. He believed that the only solution to the pandemic was rapid and effective vaccination.

However, this policy of the governor seems to backfire. There has been an alarming surge in the covid rates in Florida. Hospitals and Nursing homes are struggling to accommodate patients. Medical authorities and politicians have criticized the governor heavily. 

Stew Peters is a radio show host. He termed DeSantis as a “sellout”. He accused the governor of being bribed. People from sectors are urging Ron DeSantis to incorporate covid related restrictions in the state. 

The allies of Ron dismissed the critics. They shut down the protest of Peters. Officials stated that it was Peters’ attempt of coming in the headlines. They praised the method of the governor and termed it as effective. 

Ron DeSantis still has not deviated from his ideology. He has stressed an increase in the vaccination rates. He stated that rapid and effective vaccination campaigns are the only remedy. He also exercised his supervision to ensure no local government implemented any restrictions. With the rise in covid cases, it remains to be seen whose ideals benefit the common people. 

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