George P. Bush Gets To Learn A Crucial Lesson About Trump

George P. Bush
George P. Bush

George P. Bush was in desperate pursuit of the endorsement of Donald Trump. At a minimum, he wanted Donald Trump to keep out of the primary goal to challenge Ken Paxton, who happens to be the Attorney General in Texas. In order to enable it to happen, George P. Bush tried to woo Trump in perhaps the most subservient and embarrassing of ways. 

Prior to the announcement of the candidacy of George P. Bush, he put out a picture of himself speaking on a phone, over Twitter. He captioned the picture saying that it was great to speak to Trump, the President of the United States of America, and discuss the upcoming prospects of Texas. He also mentioned the joint efforts that are to be put in by him and Trump to keep up the struggle of putting America first, and that he appreciates the encouraging words he received from Donald Trump.

George P. Bush And His Announcement

George P. Bush and his supporters during the announcement went as far as handing out a number of beverage sleeves which showcased a drawing of Trump and himself, with a quote from Trump in 2019, stating that he was the only Bush that liked Trump.

George P. Bush gave things thought and came up with the idea that if Trump badmouthed his rival, Ken Paxton, his winning probability would significantly go down in Texas. This gave rise to the antics that were made by Bush. However, he learned an important lesson when Trump issued a statement saying that Ken Paxton,  the Attorney General, was one of the fighters in the forefront and a true patriot. He also said Paxon was a true Texan who could preserve the safety of Texas. The lesson here for Bush was that Trump acts solely in self-interest and it is futile for any Republican to make efforts in trying to win his support.