Ben Affleck Spends Precious Time With Jennifer Lopez In Montana

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A source has revealed to PEOPLE about the latest trip while Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are in the middle of their reunion. The source claimed that everything has been intense and quick, but J’Lo is happy.

The Love Returns For Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been hanging out together a lot more recently. A little bit more than a week ago, the former lovers were photographed at Lopez’s home. Around the end of April, Ben Affleck, 48, and Lopez, 51, were seen at Montana next. PEOPLE’s sources claimed that the couple was seen together in a car in the vicinity of a Big Sky resort. One of Affleck’s homes is there. Reportedly, Ben Affleck was driving while Jennifer was alongside him as a passenger. Daily Mail also published images of this outing.

The source explained that J’Lo had been with Ben Affleck for several days in a location outside the town. The connection between the two is strong. Later on Saturday, the pair was seen flying back into Los Angeles aboard a personal jet.

In 2002, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were engaged. The “Bennifer” couple starred in headlines for as long as they were together. They had even starred together in Gigli and Jersey Girl. However, their wedding in 2003 was postponed just days before it would take place. In January 2004, they were no longer together.

Before the sighting in Montana, Affleck and Lopez had also been present at VAX LIVE as participants. On Saturday, the event had aired. There were no images of the two together at the venue in L. A.

A day before the Montana sighting, the two had taken to social media and shared their tributes on Mother’s Day. Affleck had thanked his former wife, Jennifer Garner. Lopez had posted pictures of her twins who are now 13 years old.