Meri Brown Confides That She Is Still Learning To Trust Herself

Meri Brown

Meri Brown isn’t simply receding into the background because she recently expressed her desire to date Sister Wives viewers. Although she was Kody Brown’s first wife, the patriarch may not have loved her the most. Meri and Kody made the decision to end their unhappy union in January.

In 1990, Kody and Meri exchanged vows, but their union as a couple was abruptly over. Shortly after, Janelle Brown, who had divorced Meri’s brother, joined the family. Ever since Meri was relegated to the background as Kody moved from wife to wife. Meri became entangled in an affair that ended up being a catfish controversy because she had had enough of feeling ignored. 

Meri Brown Is Healing

Sadly, Meri’s adultery was too much for Kody and Meri to overcome, and the two spent years drifting apart. Meri has focused exclusively on discovering her value ever since leaving Kody in the dust. The Sister Wives actress isn’t going to settle for a relationship as she had with Kody now that the single mother of one is enjoying her best single life.

Meri Brown revealed to her followers during a recent Instagram Live that she was indeed single, adding, “I’m not dating anyone. I want to date. Meri no longer has a romantic partner, but it appears that the Utah native is prepared to start dating again. Sadly, Kody had dated Meri for a long time.  The father of 18 often stated that he had no desire to associate with his first spouse and would be more than content for her to find another man with whom to share her life.

Meri Brown was shocked to learn the news after hearing her ex-husband’s comments during the most recent reunion. Years of Meri’s best efforts had gone into mending their relationship, including baking Kody Rice Krispie Treats. Kody ate the snack with greed, but it didn’t make him change his mind. He still only wanted to be Robyn’s faithful partner.

Viewers will finally have the opportunity to watch how Kody is coping with losing three of his four wives as Sister Wives season 18 is currently in production. 

Meri Brown came back to Utah to manage her bed and breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, and each wife has consented to participate in filming for the upcoming season. The upcoming season may depict Meri accepting her broken marriage, but it also may depict her going out and attracting new suitors.