Jennifer Aniston Believes In Numerology

jennifer aniston
jennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston is one of the most renowned faces in Hollywood. She was keen on acting from a very young age. She was born on 11th February 1969. Aniston grew up to be the most successful actor of all time. She debuted in a film named “Mac and Me” in the year 1988. However, she was not given any credits for her role in the film. Aniston had her major break in the year 1993. She appeared in a movie named “Leprechaun”.

Jennifer did not look back after that. She started getting major roles. Aniston had a unique flair that made her stand out. Her acting prowess made her one of the most paid actresses in the 1990 era. However, her most famous stint came when she appeared for ” Friends”. This sitcom was the turning point in her career. She played the role of Rachel in the series. The series was immensely popular among fans and has attained iconic status. Friends ran for almost ten years. A recent reunion episode has also been recorded by HBO.

However, Aniston was unsure of herself. She doubted that she might be an underachiever. This led her to consult a numerologist. Jennifer Aniston benefited a lot from the consultation. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Jennifer Aniston Took Time To Blossom

Jennifer Aniston revealed at a recent interview that she consulted a numerologist. She stated that a friend suggested she consult him. After the initial discussion, Aniston was taken aback. The numerologist said that Jennifer took time to bloom. She was startled at what he said. Jennifer was clearly a well-known face by then and was doing pretty well. 

However, she reflected that she might not have given her best. This made her life change. Since the consultation, Jennifer Aniston has featured in more quality movies. She has also shifted her focus to producing films. 

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