Meryl Streep Celebrates What Would Have Been Her 45th Anniversary

Meryl Streep
Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep would have celebrated her 45th wedding anniversary on September 30 after she married Don Gummer in 1978. The 74-year-old Streep and the sculptor, 76, chose to live apart after close to 4 decades together even though they continue to care about one another, sources said. Meryl Streep separated six years ago from Gummer. The three-time Oscar winner and the Harvard graduate chose a life apart in what has been a quiet separation. They share 4 children and 5 grandchildren.

Their relationship was unquestionably among the more lasting ones in Hollywood. But it finally came undone after 4 decades, leaving many wondering as to the reasons. Meryl Streep and Gummer marked their 45th anniversary together as dedicated partners. They have been supporting one another on a professional and personal level. But the romantic closeness has gone.

Meryl Streep Wore Her Wedding Band At An Awards Ceremony Recently

Fans noticed that Meryl Streep continues to wear her wedding band, seen as she attended the Princesa de Asturias Awards a week earlier. The two were last pictured together at the Academy Awards in 2018. But despite the change in their status, Meryl Streep revealed that she remained committed to their family which includes their four children – Henry, Mamie, Grace, and Louisa, and five grandchildren.

Meryl Streep has highlighted the importance of a massive negotiation, the readiness to bend, and goodwill. In a lighter vein, she also spoke about the importance of shutting up at timesIn 2012, Streep dedicated her Academy Award for Best Actress to Gummer. Meryl Streep and Gummer met through her brother in 1978. The pair instantly took a liking for each other and were married within 6 months.

The famous duo was not seen together after 2018. Their separation remains a matter of intrigue as there were no reports of infidelity or any other reason for discord over the years. The duo met when Streep was grieving over the death of John Cazale, her boyfriend who passed away early from lung cancer in 1978, the same year she met Gummer. Meryl Streep once remarked that it had been an enormous negotiation between her need to work and her ties with her family. She said that she could not imagine shunning one for the other.