NFL Rumors On Eagles Being Sent A Message By Miles Sanders Via Instagram Post

Miles Sanders

This year has been Miles Sanders’ best season which has not been surprising since the offense of the Eagles’ had been cooking up the entire season. It had been amazing timing for Miles Sanders whose rookie deal is at play. He has been looking forward to getting paid followed by 259 times carrying the ball for 1269 yards with 11 touchdowns. The question arises would this payday arrive in Philly… or would it take place elsewhere?

Well, this matter of face question had been going on in the mind of Miles Sanders who did not miss the chance of putting his query up on his Instagram story. On Wednesday, he posted an Instagram story that seemed more like a direct word to all those who would either be lending their ears in the front office of the Eagles’ or anyone in the fan list.

Is Miles Sanders Trying To Pose Some Agenda?

Interestingly, what has Sanders been up to? Has he been worried that the Eagles’ would fail to reach his price or is he trying to drop messages indicating the coming of a return? Or should this be seen only as Miles Sanders being himself without any hidden agenda? However, we assume it to have some meaning.

Some have been of the opinion that the Eagles ought to move on from Miles Sanders after the rookie contract and if not then should be settled for less than his market price to still be a part of Philadelphia only out of his love for it. The Eagles are supposed to become Super Bowl rivals this year and could certainly influence the desire for a ring chase, though these days running backs generally get a single shot at the big payday which means that this is definitely his shot.

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