Messi Are Not Ready Yet For Their Last Dance As The Word Prepares For It


Not a “Last Dance,” exactly. The Qatar World Cup, that will be played over the next 5 weeks, is indeed the highest reward in sports, yet neither Messi nor Cristiano Ronaldo have declared their farewell.

Additionally, it is not a “Changing of Guard.” They do have obvious heirs, however of the 2, Haaland and Mbappe, one of them will observing Qatar 2022 WC on television since Norway did not advance in the finals, while the other is encircled by a plethora of talent on such a France team that already has a World Cup that it is difficult to imagine him going to stand out now and requiring to bring them the path Cristiano and Messi did frequently for club and nation.

Simply said, it’s 2 of the greatest athletes to ever participate in any sport extracting every last drop of cunning, tenacity, and brilliance from their battle-worn bodies until Father Time delivers the last sand particles crashing down the glass.

The World Is Ready For One Last Dance: But Are Messi And Ronaldo Ready?

On December 18, the WC championship game will take place in Doha’s Lusail Field. Since Cristiano would be 41 as well as Messi 39 when the next tournament takes place in July 2026, both of these are aiming to attend. The notion of inconceivable, to people like them, is just not “not possible,” but instead “not yet attained,” whilst for the remainder of us, who are made of stronger material, the actual world is that which is regulated by physics rules and nature.

There is a catch to this. We referred to them as No.1 and No 1A for such better part of last fifteen years or so as they traveled through time and spatial side by side, reinventing a sport as well as a corporation as they go. But this year, they come to Doha from a completely different location.