Michael B Jordan Accepting Accountability For Rum Line Name

Michael B Jordan
Michael B Jordan

Michael B Jordan, the American actor from the MCU franchise movie, Black Panther, is taking appropriate steps to mend his mistakes with regard to his own rum line. The name of his product was “J’Ouvert.” Following the name, the actor faced harsh criticism from several people on the basis of cultural appropriation. Nicki Minaj, the American rapper, also voiced her opinion against it. 

Michael B Jordan’s Actions Following An Apology

The 34-year-old star from the hit movie, Creed, took to the social media platform, Instagram, in order to make his apology. He stated that it was never the intention of him as well as his partners to hurt the sentiments of any culture. Michael B Jordan added that both he and his entire team sincerely want to celebrate the culture. The apology came this Wednesday. The actor further stated that he spent the last few days in retrospection. He was constantly engaged in conversations with various communities through which he got to learn so many new things he was not aware of.

Michael B Jordan claimed that he understands what his critics must have gone through. And so the entire team was working to change the name of the rum line. He stated that they were rooting for a brand that everybody loves. The apology and everything that forced him to rename the brand was followed by the criticism for taking the advantage of the name, “J’Ouvert. The name is already used to identify one of the festivals that celebrate the culture of the Caribbean. The festival is celebrated annually in Grenada, Tobago, and Trinidad. It is also an international festival. 

The origin of the name that actor Michael B Jordan used to label his rum line, dates back to the period in the mid-1800s. It was during this period that the slaves were granted their freedom and started embracing their expression.   

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