Stephen Amell Shares His Side Of The Story

Stephen Amell
Stephen Amell

Stephen Amell, the actor, and producer from Canada spoke out to clarify the rumors concerning him getting thrown out of the flight. It had been reported that the authorities had to make the decision as the actor was caught in a verbal altercation with Cassandra Jean Amell, his wife. The 40-year-old actor did claim that the rumors of the fight between him and his wife were partially true. He also added that the news stating him getting thrown out of the flight was not. There had been no such incident where the airplane authorities had to take any sort of forcible actions against him. 

Stephen Amell Clarifies

Stephen Amell also stayed away from addressing the news staging that the altercation had taken place after intoxication. The “Arrow” actor took to the social media platform, Twitter, to describe his side of the real story. The tweet gave out little details on the incident like the name of the flight they were on and the destination of the flight itself. It was one of the Delta flights and the couple was traveling from Austin to the city of L.A. That was a Monday. Stephen Amell did give his confirmation on the verbal altercation and even claimed that people asked him to lower his voice. 

The tweet also stated that about 10 minutes later, the actor was told to get off the flight and he did so without any hesitation. The actor also confirmed that he went home after about two hours. And his journey was free of any commotion. The tweet was made this Wednesday. Stephen Amell concluded by accepting that fact he was totally overwhelmed by his emotions. As per a source, it was claimed that the actor was approached numerous times by the attendants due to his behavior. It was also mentioned that he continued screaming at Cassandra Jean Amell and he was totally intoxicated.

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