Michael Beasley Might Play In China

Michael Beasley

Michael Beasley, who was selected second overall, has signed a deal to play professional basketball in China.

Michael Beasley has reportedly agreed to a seven-figure contract with the CBA’s Shanghai Sharks.

Michael Beasley Might Get The Break He Needs

Beasley, at 33 years old, last appeared in 26 NBA games with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2018-2019. He’s a former CBA player, but not with the Sharks.

Beasley spent one-year playing collegiate basketball at Kansas State before entering the 2008 NBA draft. Although he was selected second overall by the Miami Heat, he was never able to live up to his promise. He had his moments on the court, but he also struggled with personal troubles, which he discussed on the podcast “The Pivot.”

Beasley’s career-long drug use was accompanied by a series of other struggles with mental health. Beasley said that some of his accomplishments had been taken from him due to dishonest dealings with members of his own family. Since then, he has had trouble surrounding himself with positive influences, claiming that the search for such individuals is exhausting.

He claims that his troubled upbringing has left him wary of new connections and mostly confined to his own home, where he spends much of his time watching television, talking on the phone with his children, and sometimes venturing out to play basketball. He has tried asking his pals for support, but doesn’t want to bother them with his issues at this time.