Michael McCaul Wants To Change The Game For Ukrainian

michael Mccaul

All the other Republicans have agreed with the Joe Biden administration to supply more weapons to Ukraine. Biden’s Democrat members are not entirely impressed with the idea. Michael McCaul does believe sending more military aides to Ukraine would be a game Changer for them. However, he firmly believes the administration has yet to think this through before calling the press conference.

He fears the US would lose moral leadership in providing combat weapons to Ukraine. However, changing Ukrainian conditions with Russia would also benefit the US. The president of Ukraine has asked for some specifics to fight Russia.

Illegal Weapons Have Permits To Be Used In Ukraine, Michael McCaul Fears Things Escalating

The Russian military has been using this particular combat weapon. With the help of it, the Russians have been bombing Ukrainian territory. The exact weapons are in demand too. Ukraine, says Michael McCaul. The president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, has asked for this special weapon to fight the Russians. These are illegal in other European countries. They have outlawed them in their country. 

The president and Michael McCaul know that Ukraine cannot use these weapons in Russia. Joe Biden has expressed his concerns and mentioned it later in a press conference. After so much effort, they have come to this difficult decision. The US national security has brought all the pros and cons concerning the citizens’ safety of both countries. Michael McCaul and Joe Biden, with his administration, have stumbled upon this before coming to a productive solution.